Monday, October 19, 2009

Never give someone a soapbox

Sonoma County has a Facebook page. From time to time, they ask for feedback from 'friends' for their publicity and for other articles. As you will see from the initial posting, they were looking for "fun facts"--which is different, I would think, from "things you like" or "things to do". Apparently the 'friends' of Sonoma County don't think the way I do. (Surprise, surprise.) This is a huge post, but there was too much good stuff here to edit it:

wait--what was the question again?

Right off, you can see how many asses we have in the corral here. Most of them are of the variety I mentioned in the intro--"I like to do such and so" instead of "Luther Burbank developed the Gravenstein apple here." But there are some key highlights not to be missed:

Post #2 likes the "friendly people". Like the guy who says, "Sonoma people, not Sonoma County." Yeah, the same guy who goes on to say, "The only thing to complain about are the gangs that are getting closer from Agua Caliente." And of course the woman who passive-aggresively referred to the gang guy as "Debbie Downer". Otherwise, friendly people. Pretty much.

With its first reply, Sonoma County changes from target to ass itself, by jumping on the diverging track with everyone else. ("One of my faves is Jack London state park." Was there a fact in that statement somewhere?)

Two posts after "Jack London", we find one of the greatest things about Sonoma County, ever: the Philadelphia Phillies. (Wha?) "Phillies in 5! Go Phils!"

Apparently, a fun fact about Sonoma County is that posters there like free advertising. Whether you make bread, movies, or run a restaurant, this is apparently THE post to place your free marketing.

And finally, the best for last: "Sonoma? Humm...great place to begin an affair. I did...haven't regretted it since!!!" Now THAT is a 'fun fact' I didn't know.

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